Anyone who has made the switch from iPhone to Android in the past few years probably experienced the dreaded iMessage bug that swallows up your text messages before you can read them. The issue really picked up steam in the past week, however, with new reports surfacing and one California woman even filing a class action lawsuit against Apple. Things may be looking up though, with the company promising a software fix is finally on the way.

In an official statement to Re/code, Apple acknowledges the issue. In the past the company has admitted to being “clueless" when it comes to a solution, but now it says “an additional bug fix in a future software update" is on the way. Apple also confirms a recent iMessage server issue, which it says is already patched.

We can't wait to start finally getting all of our text messages if Apple really can fix its iMessage-to-Android issues. The company can't exactly send out an update to Android phones, so we assume the fix will target iOS presumably helping iPhones recognize when to use or not to use iMessage based on the recipient.

There's no word on when Apple will release this software update, though with WWDC 2014 right around the corner it's possible we'll hear more about the iMessage fix early next month at the conference. Then again, the Cupertino company may want to downplay the problem and silently push out an update instead